How long has J Microns been in business?
J Microns was set up in 2010 to better manage the business of organic resin powders that were developed by J Color Chemicals.
How long has J Color been in business?

J Color Chemicals was found in May of 2000 as a joint-venture. Initially J Color's business was focused on daylight fluorescent colors.

Where is J Microns Technology located?
J Microns Technology is located in Beishan Industrial Zone, Anji, Zhejiang Province, China. Anji is about 65 km to the west of Hangzhou City.
What's the relation between J Microns and J Color?
J Microns is a subsidiary of J Color Chemicals, and specializes in various polymeric functional and effects agents including organic matting, scratch-resisting, soft-feel, texturing, light diffusion, anti-blocking, and anti-shrinking agents, for wide range of applications including in coating, films, inks, cosmetics, LED packaging (encapsulation), LED tube & lampshade, LCD isolation, unsaturated polyester, etc.
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